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StopOver Finland Program

Official Visit Finland StopOver criteria sets standards to products and services used in StopOver programs offered by accredited partners of Visit Finland. The StopOver programs include services from 5 hours up to 5 days. The StopOver Programs are designed to passengers transiting Finland.

Finland Tours and

Finland Tours is a trading name for StopOver and Incoming Travel services owned and operated by Terra Nova. is the official web site for StopOver Packages by Terra Nova.

General Information about the “Finland Tours” StopOver Packages operated by Terra Nova

Package Tours

Packages are marketed and sold as Inclusive Package Tours and no single component(s) can be taken off or sold nor priced separately. Additional services booked or sold on the top of a package are not considered part of Inclusive Package Tour but separate items.

Service language

Services are marketed and itineraries described in English with occasional translations to other languages. The English language version is always the official, original and binding. The other language versions are for information purposes only. Bookings can only be made in English using western (Latin) alphabet and numerals. Customer service by e-mail, phone or in person is supplied in English. All destination services in Finland and other countries involved in StopOver Packages are given in English. Other languages are occasionally possible but never guaranteed.


All itineraries at the web site are run with minimum one person participating. Itineraries can be based on group arrangements when there are relevant number of participants but not limited to. TravelCo Nordic can re-arrange services within a package if necessary for operational reasons.

Confirmations and Travel Documentation

After a successful payment the purchase is automatically confirmed with booking and customer details as well as with the standard itinerary. Finland Tours will create a confirmed itinerary after all sub-bookings are made and send this personalized confirmation including itinerary details and necessary travel documents like air, bus, ferry, train tickets, service vouchers and necessary instructions to the customer by e-mail within 3 working days. The confirmed itinerary overruns the original standard itinerary. All timings in itineraries are in local times.
Tickets, vouchers or other value coupons sent with the confirmed itinerary must be printed on paper and taken along to be presented at respective service locations. Some services require a dedicated, only on the spot issuable, document which can is received by exchanging the Finland Tours voucher or coupon. Please, study the instructions on documents carefully.

Travel Insurance

All passengers are advised and encouraged to purchase and sign a personal travel insurance covering doctor’s treatment and hospitalization before and during the whole journey, purchase of medication and when necessary, repatriation outside of the planned travel itinerary. We suggest also to cover the loss, delay and damage of luggage and personal items by an extended travel insurance. Make sure that your travel insurance covers costs for cancelling the trip before departure as tour elements are mostly non-refundable.

Weather Conditions in Finland

Finland lies in the Northern Hemisphere and has four different seasons. The northern part of Finland is above the arctic circle while the southern part is almost 1000 kms south on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The summer (June-August) is usually quite sunny (long day light hours) with average temperatures between 15-20 Celcius centigrade rising during occasional peaks even up to 25-30 degrees.

The autumn (September-November) decreases temperatures from 15 down to 0 (freezing point) and cloudy or rainy weather is more typical than in the summer while sunny days exist as well.
The winter (December-March) temperatures are cool to cold, between +5 and -15, occasionally even colder. During the winter the lakes and sea may freeze and there is snow, especially in the northern areas. The winter day light is short and in the most northern part hardly existing at all.
The Spring (April-May) brings more sunshine and temperatures start to rise from 5 towards 15.

The Midnight Sun (Polar Day) is visible in Norther Finland above the arctic circle approximately from June to mid-July. During this period the sun does not set below the horizon. The day light hours are very long in whole Finland from mid-May until mid-August. The Polar Night in areas above the arctic circle start approximately in mid-November and end in mid-January. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be visible in Northern Finland from mid-August until mid-April on clear skies. Weather conditions or any natural phenomenon based on weather conditions can never be guaranteed. Even during seasons typical for certain phenomenons, like the Northern Lights or snow and ice there can be exceptional weather.

Please, prepare for windy conditions on coastal areas and sudden changes of the weather. During snowy and icy periods it is slippery and care should be practiced whenever on feet. As the conditions can change unexpectedly even within a season, it is advisable to have clothing on flexible layers in order to increase or decrease it easily. Pay attention to right kind of shoes, waterproof and warm in autumn, winter and spring.

Assistance and Support

Finland Tours’ Support Team can be reached by e-mail We are glad to assist you with any booking issue or inquiry. During your stay in Finland our Duty Managers can be reached day and night to help with urgent matters or emergencies. The telephone number is provided in your confirmation.